March 9, 2012

News & Opinion: 10 Truths About Leadership

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 10:18 PM – Filed under: Leadership & Strategy

This past week, I attended an excellent conference put on by the Geehan Group. I met many fascinating people and was inspired by the discussions that came out of panels and presentations. One of the people I met was Pete Luongo, whom I sat next to at dinner one night. Even after a long day, Pete was an intense character of positive energy. Almost immediately he began talking about the importance of leaders to focus on people, elaborating on the effect of that behavior not only to others, but to the leaders themselves. He described his breakthrough moment, and that he's been a different person ever since. I asked him if he'd ever written a book. If he hadn't, I would have told him to do so immediately, but in fact, he has quite an excellent book under his belt: 10 Truths About Leadership: It's Not Just About Winning. Pete speaks from the heart, but his words resonate with anyone that's been in the challenging position of managing or running a business. Many mistakes can be made, but if we focus on the truths we know to be, we can make better decisions; decisions that satisfy the current situation, and create long-term success. Here's a few discussed in the book: Past Performance Predicts Future Behavior, Greatness is Achieved by Those Who Have Established the Habits of Discipline and Risk Taking, and If We Have No Trust, We Have No Relationship. Each of these truths are explored through Pete's experience as CEO of The Berry Company, and through his understanding of how human relationships work. By cutting through the rules of how business owners generally hire, develop employees, sell, and grow their business, Pete discovered, and shares in this book, how people are at the heart of it all, and with the right people following the right vision, success is imminent.