May 15, 2009

News & Opinion: 100 Awesome Business Blogs that are Better than an MBA

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 2:48 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

This listing was shared via email to me today (thanks Suzane) and it looked so interesting I knew that if I posted the listing here, someone will find these blogs not just useful in their jobs - but perhaps to share them with others.
Here's a sample from the web site of The 100 Awesome Business Blogs that are Better than an MBA: Going through school to get an MBA can take a few years away from your life and work. These days you do not always have time to take a few years and be a student. You have got bills to pay! This list of 100 business blogs can bring you up to speed in the briefcase world so you can take a detour around the MBA education route.
Small Business and Entrepreneur Blogs and Resources 1. Solo Entrepreneur - This site of testimonials and wisdom might be all the push you need to become a solo entrepreneur. 2. Small Biz Survival - If you are a small town/rural business in these economic times, it can be tough to make it from day to day. With these marketing and financial, make your money woes a thing of the past. 3. The Portal of American Small Business - This site should be bookmarked by small business owners ASAP, as it offers news, reviews, and perspectives that can start saving you money today. 4. Entrepreneurs - This site helps your own business climb the Fortune 500, and helps you stay motivated while you are clutching the ladder. 5. The Blog of Tim Ferriss - This blog blends practical entrepreneurial advice with the perspective necessary to help keep your head above the water. 6. Small Business Trends - This sight takes the accumulated tips and tricks from submitted small business trends and offers it as big advice for littler companies. 7. Small Business Brief - If you want small business news in bite-sized chunks, this is it. Quickly play catch-up with the latest online business advice, and read user reviews for just how helpful the advice really is. 8. The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur - If you want bootstrapping advice, this is the right place. This fellow created a multi-million dollar tech industry (while sleeping in conference rooms to avoid hotel charges), and after selling that, went on to create a company that found itself in the Fortune 500. 9. Entrepreneur Daily Dose - This site is a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs, offering advice on sustainability, loan eligibility, and consumer confidence. 10. Successful Entrepreneurial Blog - Another site of practical advice, this site offers advice on credit reform, social networking, and even how swine flu is not so bad for business. 11. Independent Street - This Wall Street Journal blog offers thoughts on small and big business alike, as well as how the government's financial decisions will affect you. 12. Main Street: Small Business - This small business site offers tips on balancing career, family, and retirement plans. 13. Small Business Blog from Microsoft - Corporate titan Microsoft descends from the throne to offer great advice to small businesses. 14. Small Business CEO - Like the name says, this site offers advice for small business CEOs, such as how to boost online marketing, helpful podcasts, and the benefits of incentives versus larger salaries. 15. The Solopreneur's Million-Dollar Mindset - This business coach offers in-depth updates on making your business vision a reality. 16. Start-up Toolkit -If you have been wanting a one-stop shop for everything you need to start up a business, look no further. 17. The Entrepreneurial Mind - This Belmont University site offers reviews of tech, thoughts on venture capital, and new age marketing. 18. Wil Schroter's Bigger Blog - This site helps you start a company, keep it running, and adapt to the ever-changing future market.

Have a GREAT weekend everyone and let me know if you find these helpful!