October 5, 2005

News & Opinion: 100 Day Projects

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 12:08 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

In Rapid Results: How 100-Day Projects Build Capacity for Large-Scale Change, authors Robert Schaffer and Ronald Ashkensas say forget about "betting the company" and large-scale change. They say the key to success to small, quick projects that build over time into company-wide change. For this strategy to work, they are very specific about the qualities these projects need to have:
  1. Focus on an Important Goal - Everyone from the CEO to the front line worker recognize the need.
  2. Produce a Measurable Stretch Result - Pushing for what many consider impossible creates a buzz when it is acheived.
  3. Works in the Short Term - Short term focus completely changes the dynamics of the project
  4. Pinpoint Clear Accountability - One person needs to be responsible for the success or failure of the project
  5. Drives Experimentation - The message needs to be that this is not going to be business as usual.
  6. Is Planned and Disciplined - This may seem counterintuitive, but with speed, you need a good plan and good communications.
  7. Make Learning a Deliberate Outcome - The project should be a springboard for more projects and more change.