February 24, 2010

News & Opinion: 2009 - In the Books

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 10:47 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Due to a few minor—yet incredibly frustrating—errors at the printer, our annual review of business books, In the Books, had to be reprinted. (For those of you who received a copy at our awards event in New York City, please avert your eyes from page 48. We will be mailing out new copies to you soon.) The good news is that, because it was a printer error, we didn't have to pay for the reprint, (and it gave me a chance to correct a embarrassingly misplaced apostrophe and missing period).

So, the printer made it right, and we finally received the reprint yesterday, and we're very happy with (and proud of) the result. We are not offering it up for sale on its own, but we have put together an even better offer in its stead. It is the In the Books Bundle. For the price of previous year's reviews, $24.95, you will get our review of 2009, and we're throwing in the 2007 and 2008 editions along with it.

Each issue highlights the 800-CEO-READ Business Book Awards and contains essays covering the books of the year they cover along with other miscellany from the business book world. If you'd like an example of previous year's essays, check out our ten-part blog series from past annuals (linked below).

Part I | II | III | IV| V |VI | VII | VIII | IX | X And, once you're done reading the blog series, head on over to the 8cr store and get the full, analogue editions of our annual reviews with the In the Books Bundle