March 1, 2005

News & Opinion: 800CEOREAD's best seller list

By: Jack @ 7:08 PM – Filed under: The Company

One of the things, I think, would be fun would be to occasionally have a post about how 800CEOREAD became what were currently are. The hardest part of this idea will be me realizing that something might actually be interesting. The deciding factor will be when Todd and I are talking about the company history and he says You need to post about this.
This is the first of this series. One of the first things that put Schwartz Business Books8crs original nameon the map was our business book best seller list. Looking at the archives, I think I started it in 1986. Where the idea came from was in a previous job my wife and I owned a record store. We started in 1970 and closed in 1982. Those were some of the best years to be in the music business. I remember opening boxes and being the first to play Whos Next, Velvet Undergrounds Loaded, the English import of The Gang of Four, Clashs Sandinista, the English version of Armed Forces.
Once I started at the bookstore, I discovered that both the music business and the book business were very similar. The music industry has always been driven by best seller liststhink Casey Kazam. I decided to start compiling a monthly bestseller list and low and behold, people cared. Publishers liked the PR and authors loved the fact that they were making a bestseller list. One of the main newspapers in our town started running the list every month. I have to say the first time a customer came into the store with the newspaper list in their hand was really cool.
About ten years ago, The Knight Ridder Tribune Syndicate picked up the list and started running it in their papers.
If your interested you can check out our Monthy Top 25 and the recent addition of our Daily Top 5 (upper left corner of the page).
Now here is my confessionMusic is still my passion, books are what I sell.