December 23, 2006

News & Opinion: 800ceoread: Our Year In Review

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 4:44 AM – Filed under: The Company

As the year closes, I wanted to share with you some of the milestones for 800ceoread. 2006 was a special year, one I believe we are going to look back upon as a turning point.

This year 800ceoread went from sell books to being in the business of moving ideas. We stepped away from the constraints of looking at ourselves based on our competitors. Since I joined the company, Jack and I have talked about 800ceoread being a unique company in the marketplace. This year we finally believed it.

You can see it in the products and services we launched this year. inBubbleWrap built a unique online community connecting readers with authors and publishers. ChangeThis regained its voice as a place for innovative thought. The live events in Milwaukee got the business community excited again about ideas. The perfect ending was the Author Pow-Wow we held in Chicago.

In 2007, expect more. More events in Milwaukee. More resources to help authors be more successful. More ways to access the recommendations we provide.

Here is the part where I need to thank everyone.

It starts with the folks that make up our little company -- Meg, Roy, Dylan, Scott, Aaron, Kate, Ryan, Jake, Rebecca, Sally and Shane. You have all made our company the success it has been and the wonderful place it is to work.

Jack is what makes 800ceoread a magical place. I say magical because you sometimes don't believe you could be working in such a great place or that such a place exists. I have been around. Few of these places exist. Thank you, Jack.

I want to thank Mary, Mel, and Shawn from Schwartz. Our growth and continuing diversification put stress on the whole system. Thank you for letting us do what we do (it seems to be working :).

If you are an author, publisher, agent, or work in publishing in general, thanks for your support. Our company doesn't exist without great product (ideas) to sell.

Finally, I want to thank our customers. You put trust in us to make your efforts successful. We take it seriously and I hope it reflects in the services we provide.

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy Happy Happy New Year!