April 14, 2005

News & Opinion: A Call to Arms: Let

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Where to start? [Start with supporting my wonderful friends at 800-CEO-Read when you buy my book :-)]

Endear yourself to your staff the easy way, while you reap the early benefits of Managing with Aloha. Start with you.

Figure out the most natural way to start incorporating the word Aloha in your vocabulary, and allow it to become part of your language. Put it on your voicemail, and call yourself so the sound of your voice starts to embrace the word for you, and bring it into your comfort zone.

Im a morning runner, and I used to say Good Morning to those I passed by. Now I say Aloha and more often than not the next time we cross paths they will say it back to me, or wave from across the street. All my letters and emails (and blog comments) start and end with Aloha; dear and sincerely have become exclusively adjectives for me, not salutations. Ive returned to writing thank you notes as often as possible, for both small favors and the big ones, choosing sentences that will capture my aloha within the envelope in spirit and not just within the word itself.

Itll surprise you how easy it will start to become. The possibilities will open up for you, seemingly multiplying on their own, and you will begin to cultivate your own habits of Aloha, ones that feel personal, natural, honest and right. You will find a new presence and focus in your conversations, you will be on time for appointments, you will keep your promises, and you will make decisions that seek win-win agreements versus compromise. You will find that your reach extends farther, and others seek you out.

As the saying goes, Why not go out on a limb? Isnt that where the best fruit is? The arms of Aloha will be there to catch you.

Remember, Aloha is already within you, and all you need do is make the choice to release it. You know what it is, and you can feel it. Think of it as the perfect name for your inner spirit. Perhaps the most special quality of Aloha is how it becomes so intrinsically personal for people, and so comforting. You recognize it when it bubbles to the surface for you, for it seems to fill you up and you feel a sort of draining sensation when its not there. You feel absolutely great when you share it, you just do. You can see it in their faces when someone receives it from you: it was an unexpected and very generous gift. And Aloha magically creates abundance: the more you share it, the more you have in your life.

And remember that work reinvention I mentioned in my first post? Managers matter. Managers manage through other people: technicians manage systems and processes. When you are a manager who brings Aloha to your staff, transformation happens, work reinvention happens. I guarantee it.

This is your call to arms, the arms of Aloha. Start a movement with me, and be the one to bring Aloha to business today. Your customers are waiting. Your employees, peers, and family are waiting. The very best in your life is waiting.

Just one more thing: remember Im here to help you. is your Managing with Aloha Online Resource and on Talking Story we do just that: Talk story about how we will make the work reinvention we deserve begin to happen everywhere. So share your aloha; come talk story with us too.

My aloha to you. Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much) for spending your time here with me today. Rosa Say Managing with Aloha on 800-CEO-ReaD