October 28, 2005

News & Opinion: A Little History

By: Jack @ 3:30 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Yesterday afternoon, Todd and I were discussing the day before we left for home. I told him the story about how 8cr went from the corner of an independent bookstore that sold books to business folks to a company that uses direct marketing to sell business books. This is a piece of history Todd thought I should share.
It started with a book, doesnt almost everything? Richard N. Fosters Innovation, The Attackers Advantage, long out of print, arrived and it had a dynamic cover. I love to collect information about my customers and in those days I collected business cards. I took the dust jacket to our local copy place and copied the cover and the fly leaf and then hand typedon a really crappy typewriter38 letters stating "I thought you would be interested in this book" and included the copies of the dust jacket. I sold 64 books for a world class response rate and set a standard that I have not yet been able to duplicate.
Maybe later Ill tell you more about how we became what we are today before I forget.