May 26, 2004

News & Opinion: A New Enterprise

By: Jack @ 7:43 PM – Filed under: Publishing Industry

It is no secret that business books as a catagory are suffering. Certain classic publishers are now selling cook books--The Free Press--and some have disappeared--Perseus Books, actually they still exist but as the name of a collection of publishers.
W.W. Norton, an employee owned independent publisher--not owned by some major "media" company--is launching a new imprint called Enterprise, an Atlas/Norton Book. They describe the imprint as "The business book as literature." The first two books being published in September are a bio of Ted Turner by Ken Auletta and a book on Chess Records and the Business of Rock and Roll called Machers and Rockers.
My understanding is that Norton will official announce everything at next weeks book convention in Chicago. I should have galleys of the two books before the end of the week and will report my thoughts shortly. It is always exciting when something new is launched.