March 20, 2013

News & Opinion: A New KnowledgeBOX offer!

By: Sally Haldorson @ 2:35 PM – Filed under: Personal Development & Human Behavior

If you aren't already aware, 800-CEO-READ powers the business knowledge-building site, KnowledgeBlocks. One of the services KnowledgeBlocks offers is a quarterly book club. For $80, you'll receive 4 quarterly shipments for a total of 9 books per year (see more details and sign up here.)

This quarter's KnowledgeBOX shipment contains a signed and customized copy of Chip & Dan Heath's third book, Decisive. Plus, you'll get an early Advanced Reading Copy of a great new Crown Business title as a surprise gift!

This KnowledgeBOX will ship April 15th, and there is a limited quantity, so don't wait! You'll immediately be sent a complimentary copy of The 100 Best Business Books of All Time when you register. So start building your business knowledge today!

DECISIVE: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work Chip Heath & Dan Heath (CrownBusiness)

“And that, in essence, is the core difficulty of decision making: What's in the spotlight will rarely be everything we need to make a good decision, but we won't always remember to shift the light. Sometimes, in fact, we'll forget there's a spotlight at all, dwelling so long in the tiny circle of light that we forget there's a broader landscape beyond it.”
Decisive, page 3

From 800-CEO-READ's Jack Covert Selects Review: Those who have read the Heaths’ previous books, Made to Stick and Switch, know they are great writers. Their books are filled with clever stories, detailed research told in a relatable way, and as a result, each page simply makes you think, and think more clearly. But what elevates their books above many others is that they operate both as “how-to” guides as well as social insight. You can read them to change what you do or how you think, and in the process, you’ll understand the world a bit better. Because decision-making is one of the great challenges for leaders, entrepreneurs, and really anyone trying to manage a career, Decisive may be their most an important one.


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