August 26, 2004

News & Opinion: Amazon Removes Review

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 8:17 PM – Filed under: Publishing Industry

J.D. Lasica wrote a review of Dan Gillmor's We the Media for Mindjack. He then uploaded the same review to Amazon and found it was immediately taken down. Amazon's email response was:
Your review of "We the Media" was removed because your comments in large part focused on your personal opinions of the subject matter, rather than reviewing the title itself.
While we appreciate your opinions on the subject, the intent of customer reviews is to assist our customers in making an informed purchase decision. We provide our customer reviews section for you to comment on the merits of the book and the author's writing style. We ask that you not use it as a place for discourse on the subject matter.
You can read J.D.'s response here.
If there is anyone else who has read We the Media and would like to write a review, feel free to send it to me (todd at 800ceoread dot com) and we'll post it here. We are all about discussing interesting ideas.