April 14, 2008

News & Opinion: Another perspective on Nudge

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 1:11 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Friday we posted a review of Nudge. Steven Levitt over at the Freakonomics blog recently posted his thoughts on the book, too. It seems he liked it:
Which is why I could not have been more surprised and delighted when I finally got to read a copy of their new book Nudge. Despite my initial misgivings, I'm halfway through it, and this is a book I love.
The main point of the book (paraphrased) is as follows:
Since people don't think very hard about the choices they make, it is a lot easier to trick them into doing what you want than to try to educate them or incentivize them to change their behavior. There are many ways to trick people, but one of the easiest is simply by giving thought to the way choices are arrayed to them, or what they call "choice architecture."

Go to Levitt's full review.