August 6, 2009

News & Opinion: Another Take on The Wisdom of Peter Drucker

By: Dylan Schleicher @ 3:52 PM – Filed under: Personal Development & Human Behavior

Since his death in November 2005, a number of people have written about their experiences with the late Peter Drucker. William Cohen wrote his book A Class with Drucker about his experience as the first graduate of the doctoral program at Claremont under Drucker's watch. Jeffrey Krames wrote his ode Inside Drucker's Brain last year and shared the experience of a day-long interview with the management guru. The latest is Living in More Than One World: How Peter Drucker's Wisdom Can Inspire and Transform Your Life by Bruce Rosenstein, a former business writer for USA Today. In this book, Rosenstein takes a different path, forgoing with well-travelled path of his teachings on management and focuses instead on what Drucker had to say about the individual. He writes in the introduction:
Drucker...wrote about individual self-development and self-management. But these aspects of his thoughts are scattered across a number of his books and articles. In this book, I collect and synthesize his best lessons for knowledge workers into a logical order. For you, the reader, this book is the self-help guide Drucker never wrote, and the next-best thing to being mentored by him.
Rosenstein recorded an interview he did Drucker eight months before he passed away and has posted a trailer on You Tube (see below). We are going to continue to see books that further examine Drucker's teachings. I think Rosenstein's Living In More Than One World makes an interesting companion to Drucker's The Effective Executive. Rosenstein definitely takes a softer self-help stance than you'll find in Drucker's terse writings. These new interpretations allow us to see new meanings and lessons.


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