June 30, 2011

News & Opinion: Anything You Want

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 3:13 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Anything You Want is Derek Sivers' new book, released by Seth Godin's The Domino Project. Fundamentally, it's about helping people. Through Derek's personal story of starting his company CD Baby, he clearly shows that whatever you do, don't think first about how much doing something will cost and how much you'll make off of it. Think about how you can help someone. The pages in this book describe the incredible fulfillment Derek experienced from living this philosophy. In fact, ironically, living by that philosophy ended up making him a good amount of money (he sold the company for $22 mil), but that was not his objective. Even when business experts tried to help him grow his business, expand into other areas, and capitalize further on the customers he acquired, his answer was always, "No, thanks." Everyone needs help with something at some point, but no one wakes up each day excited about giving their money away. If your focus is on getting people to part with their money, you're in a losing game. Derek's story proves this, in case you needed proof. And this is where our good deed for the day comes in. We don't sell his book because it's published and distributed via Amazon. But, I read the book in one sitting, was blown away, and emailed Derek immediately about his ideas. A conversation ensued, which was an unexpected, very awesome thing. On top of writing a great book, he's a great guy. It's a small gesture, but if it's any help at all to Derek to make this post, it's the least I can do. Do pick up a copy of his book, and think today about someone you can help, without thinking about how you can make money from the situation.