June 11, 2004

News & Opinion: BEA - Imprints

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 3:58 PM – Filed under: Publishing Industry

One thing I learned at BEA was the underlying importance of imprints. Imprint is the industry term for the company or division of the company that publishes a book. By meeting with individuals for these different imprints, I started to see "personalities" in the types of books they publish. This is driven by the editors of these imprints. The editors acquire and shape the books being published. Often, they share the title of editor/publisher/president and are in charge of the entire imprint.
I think this is an important aspect for interested business books readers. You may look at your bookshelf and see a lot of books from a given imprint. You have probably never noticed before.
To take away some of the mystery, we are going to invite the editors of various business book imprints to join us here at the blog. We'll give them an opportunity to talk about their imprint and answer some questions inquiring minds want to know.