July 24, 2012

News & Opinion: Become a Storyteller: Be a Better Leader

By: Sally Haldorson @ 7:40 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

A good story isn't the sole property of the marketing or communications department. Anyone can master some basic storytelling techniques that will help earn trust, excite enthusiasm, convey authenticity. This is particularly important for leaders.

Plus, stories are memorable. Leaders can use stories to reach their audience on a more personal level. Brands can use stories to establish personality. Even if you aren't good with words, there are other mediums with which to tell your story: digitally, through design, even through data.

But of course there is some danger in the use of stories. Stories can masquerade as fact. They can be slippery. They can be lies. But not all stories prevaricate: some stories will change the world--for the better.
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  • why stories aren't all about words
  • why brands need stories
  • why you need your own 60-second story
  • how to brand like a musician
  • how to tell a story that wins
  • why you should tell (and live) a true story
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