December 13, 2004

News & Opinion: BOOK REVIEW: The origin of brands

By: Dylan Schleicher @ 12:26 AM – Filed under: Marketing & Sales

 Covers2 48 0060570148Title: The origin of brands
Author: Al & Laura Ries
Tag-line: Discover the natural laws of product innovation and business survival
Pages: 295

Dog-ear score: 23:295 = 7.7%

The core message in this book, the concept of brand divergence over convergence, makes perfect sense, I'm absolutely sold!

Unfortunately, I was sold by the end of chapter one, the authors, however, felt that I was not smart enough to grasp the concept, so they threw in case study, after case study, after case study, after...

To demonstrate this point, here's a quote from page 146:
"Not convinced yet? Read on."

Al, Laura, if they're not convinced after 146 pages, let go.

Luckily, I kept reading, it was a slow, sometimes painful experience, but I'm glad I did, from page 160 it picked up. A lot.

This is an important book that presents new concepts (for branding anyway), not just hackneyed variations of the old favorites. You should definitely read it, but I just can't help thinking it would have been far better as a 30-page
Change This manifesto.

Last word: Repetitive...!

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