June 10, 2005

News & Opinion: BOOK REVIEW: What Is Your Life's Work (#9)

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 2:52 PM – Filed under: Personal Development & Human Behavior

Bill Jensen's latest work What Is Your Life's Work is a collection of personal letters designed both to inspire you and to help you define your own critical balance point between work and life outside of work. The letters are both thought-provoking and touching, and are organized into five "Discoveries". These are: Finding Yourself, Finding the Lessons to Be Learned - the Questions to Be Asked, Finding the Choices That Really Matter, Finding the Courage to Choose, and Finding Joy, Serenity and Fulfillment. Each discovery area includes a broad collection of letters that really probe the subject and are sure to generate a lot of personal questions and insights.
The book concludes with a field guide to help you clarify the things in your life which are most important to you. You are then encouraged to begin writing your own letter in order to elaborate your values and pass them on to your loved ones.
Overall, I'd say that this book is a novel concept and is pretty well executed. I would like to have seen a bit more of an overall navigational structure to the book, but this is a minor quibble. The discovery introductions give a brief overview of the general topics of the letters and then let the letters speak for themselves.
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