April 13, 2006

News & Opinion: Books Have to Change

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 4:34 PM – Filed under: Publishing Industry

I picked up a copy of Never Bet The Farm last night. It is a book about entrepreneurship. It had great cover art and I have been liking the stuff Jossey-Bass has been putting out lately. I came away disappointed for the most part.

The main reason was their 80 page resource section. 60 pages of the resource section was devoted listing university centers that can help entrepreneurs. This sort of thing does not belong in books anymore. Readers are going to look for the one address that applies to them and never look at it again. This information should be available as an extra online. Don't even get me started on their website.

Note to Publishers: The Internet has changed the ability for people to access information. Books are still really good at doing a lot of things. Take some time and figure out what that is.