November 5, 2009

News & Opinion: Brainstorming?

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 8:08 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

coverart Every day, people come together in groups to brainstorm: share ideas, create projects, and turn dreams into reality. The leaders of those groups would be well advised to serve the appetizer, The Art of the Idea: And How It Can Change Your Life by John Hunt before those meetings get under way. Because, let's be honest, oftentimes, there are people who think they have "the answer" before the question has really been explored. And others feel like they have nothing to say at all. Both cases, of course, are untrue, and this uniquely designed book creates a great starting point for entering the brainstorming session - both from the group and moderator perspective. Ideas can become diluted, get railroaded, and not live up to their full potential simply because they're tricky things, that require a certain approach. This book speaks intelligently about that approach. From idea democratization to instinct to respect and equality, this book is as much about working with a group of people as it is about expressing, organizing, and delivering creativity. Read this book and you'll think differently about both from here on.