June 18, 2007

News & Opinion: Building a virtual team

By: Dylan Schleicher @ 6:46 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

The WSJ published their Journal Report this weekend. The topic: Business Insights. Inside are book recommendations and articles on outsourcing, change, growth, strategic execution officers (SEOs), and something we're currently working on -- virtual teams -- 10 rules for making them work. The first rule being:

Rule #1: Invest in an online resource where members can learn quickly about one another.

Lynda Gratton profiled David Oglivy's investment in Truffles (not the edible type); it's an internal place where employees can exchange project information and collaborate. The name shows an appreciation for fine ideas (what the Oglivy represents); it comes from Oglivy's belief:
...that people should search for knowledge with as much energy and enthusiasm as a pig searches for truffles in the oak forests of France.

The tools we use are about conversation. They're from the folks over at 37signals. There's basecamp: a storage and exchange area; campfire: our daily chatting place, sadly no s'mores yet; highrise: a CRM database; and backpack: everything that'd be stored in a backpack, calendars, notes, to-dos, etc.
I'm curious. What are you using for your virtual teams?

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