November 6, 2007

News & Opinion: Business in Singapore

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 3:57 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

800-CEO-READ is doing more and more business internationally. This is not a new trend for us. In fact, we've shipped to places in Australia, Africa and so on since we first delved into the business book world. In the past few months we've been shipping more books to Singapore for conventions, avid American readers or Singaporeans that want to learn more about how Americans do business.

As a member of our customer service staff, this piqued my interest and I began wondering about Singapore: Why order books from the United States? Why use us? Are authors doing more business there for some reason? I don't expect answers to these questions, it's just something to think about and how this may influence our company and businesses in the future. Many companies are going global. There's even a McDonald's in Russia!.

Here are some of the top business books that are selling in Singapore. And here is a sampling of what other countries are reading from us:

Wikinomics - Singapore What is Lean Six Sigma? - France End of Poverty - United Arab Emirates Treasure Hunt - Germany Redefining Global Strategy - Brazil