March 14, 2013

News & Opinion: ChangeThis: Issue 103

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We Are All Creators Now—And We Are Creating a New Indie Capitalism
by Bruce Nussbaum

“Look to the edges of our economy, look to the new models and practices being developed by our young, look to energy of our entrepreneurs and look to the subtle shifts of our most progressive corporations and you can see something emerging. You can see the rise of Indie Capitalism.”

Innovation Begins Here: How to Become the Hero in the Hero’s Journey
by Brian Solis

“Each of you has his or her own path to follow, and what you do next is yours and only yours to define. While that may sound either trite, abstract, or both, the future does in fact begin with you and will be defined by you.”

Lay Off Your Buildings, Not Your People! by Maynard Webb

“When I began my career, everyone “went” to work ... if you weren’t inside the office, you weren’t able to work. Offices and office hours actually made sense. Now it’s an unbelievably outdated concept.”

How Self-Doubt Makes Leaders Better by Steven Snyder

“In those unsettling moments when you find yourself standing at the outer edge of all that is known and familiar, the uncertainty about how best to move forward can open wide the gateway to self-doubt. How you respond in those moments can accelerate your development as a leader.”

Being “Good” Pays Off Big: 21st Century Values are a Winning Strategy in Business and Personal Life by Peter Georgescu

“Chances are that business will get even tougher and more competitive in the years ahead. So we’ve all got to man up for the brutally competitive world out there. Don’t we? Well, no.”

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone: Taking Risks, Trusting your Gut and Becoming a Game Changer! by John Wood

“There was a time when the only types of people who took risks and voluntarily stepped out of their comfort zone were the high rollers who could afford to take a chance. Now, none of us can afford to NOT take risks.”