September 11, 2013

News & Opinion: ChangeThis: Issue 109

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Success In 5 Easy Lessons by G. Richard Shell

“When everyone around you agrees on what success means, it is all too easy to blindly accept their ideas about what to do next. ... If you allow others to define your goals for you, then there is a pretty good chance you will end up holding a prize you did not choose and do not want. Define success for yourself. Then set out to achieve it.”

7 Principles to Upgrade Your Work and Life by Rana Florida

“The whole paradigm of work is changing, and many of us are still stuck under the thumb of the boss in our life when what we want is to be the boss of our own life. ... Do you really have to stifle your inner child, who is dying to come out and play in this dynamic new world? Is stultification the price of security? Is it asking too much to risk trying for more?”

The Passion Conversation: A Guide for Falling Madly in Love with the People your Business Serves by Brains on Fire

“Passion is not something you own; it’s something you pass forward. So if you take the time to understand your own unique passion conversation—and yes, we believe everyone has them—as well as the ones that excite those you serve, something amazing will happen”

Talent: Raid It, Own It, Set It Free! by Orly Lobel

“The future is now: The knowledge economy is here. Gone are the days when competitive advantage came from real assets. It’s human assets that give companies an edge. Skill, creativity, and smarts are the modern ingredients of success. Talent has become the most valuable asset for a company and talent is scarce.”

Comparing Apple to Plastic Bricks: Why Steve Jobs Was Great for Products, but Lousy as a Management Model by David Robertson

“Ignore all the lessons about innovation management that you might be tempted to learn from business press articles about Apple. There are much better examples for you to consider. One of the best is LEGO. Yes, the plastic brick company.”

What Are We Waiting for? (Learning to Be Present In an Increasingly Noisy World) by Jeff Goins

“The antidote to our restlessness is not necessarily another adventure or experience of a lifetime, but a deep abiding in where we are now. How does this happen? With waiting. Normal, everyday situations that test our patience and cause us to reflect on what really matters.”