May 15, 2014

News & Opinion: ChangeThis: Issue 117

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The Magic Triangle of Company and Career Health by Rich Karlgaard

“The soft edge of business is the side of deeper human longings and values. ... Not surprisingly, the soft edge is the most underestimated and oft-neglected side of the triangle. But do not dismiss the soft edge. It is the source of enduring strength.”

Flowing to the River of Ultimate Performance: The Science of Productivity by Steven Kotler

“In flow, we are so focused on the task at hand that everything else falls away. Action and awareness merge. Time flies. Self vanishes. All aspects of performance—mental and physical—go through the roof. ... It’s high-speed problem solving; it’s being swept away by the river of ultimate performance.”

Make Your Company Smarter by Geoffrey James

“Corporate culture is like the banks of a river and the behaviors in the corporation are like water that flows inside those banks. Over time, these behaviors dig the channel deeper, reinforcing the culture, which in turn reinforces the behaviors. The deeper the channel, the harder it is to change behaviors ... ”

12 Myths that Lead to a Busy, Unfulfilling Life by Greg McKeown

“15 years ago, I quit law school to pursue one overarching question: ‘Why do capable people fail to breakthrough to the next level?’ The answer to the question, to my great surprise, is success. ... In other words, I found that success can be a catalyst for failure.”

The 3 Stoic Disciplines: How to Turn Your Trials Into Triumphs
by Ryan Holiday

“Great individuals, like great companies, find a way to transform weakness into strength. It’s a rather amazing and even touching feat. They took what should have held them back—what in fact might be holding you back right this very second—and used it to move forward.”

How to Ignite Innovation with F.I.R.E. by Dan Ward

“The pattern of rapid, thrifty innovation shows up across a large range of technical contexts and genres. Whether we are talking about submarines or software, medical or military technology, the most impactful and successful innovations tend to be produced by small teams with short schedules, tight budgets, and strong commitments to simplicity.”