July 7, 2010

News & Opinion: ChangeThis: Issue 72

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The 72th issue of ChangeThis has gone live for your reading pleasure. Excerpts and links below.


Intelligence Multipliers:
Tapping Into Every Company's Underutilized Resource
by Liz Wiseman

“Multipliers liberate people from the inherently oppressive forces within corporate hierarchy. They liberate people to think, to speak, and to act with reason. They create an environment where the best ideas surface and where people do their best work. Multipliers liberate people from the intimidation of hierarchical organizations and the domination of tyrannical leaders. They create intelligence around them, and they release it into the organization so it can be freely utilized at its highest point of contribution. They create an environment where ideas can be heard and where intelligence can be given, grown, and stretched through challenge. They give people permission to think."

Why the Future of Business Depends on the Young World Rising
by Rob Salkowitz

“More than half of the world’s 6.8 billion people are under the age of 30, and most of them live in countries where the per-capita income is lower than $1000 per year. Meanwhile, projections show the average age of the United States, Europe, Russia, Japan and even China pushing dramatically upward, with declining numbers of young workers struggling to support mushrooming populations of elderly retirees. As the old centers of the global economy face aging workforces and declining fertility rates, the future increasingly depends on tapping into the energy and ideas of the rising Young World.”

When Chaos Moves In, and How to Conquer It: The True Story of Entrepreneurship by Clate Mask & Scott Martineau

“Proponents of entrepreneurship love to celebrate the freedom and adventure of owning and running a company. Established business owners put on a smile, perfect their elevator speech about “being their own boss,” and proceed to sell you their product or service. The media tells us story after story about the multi-million dollar opportunities grown out of a garage or dorm room.

But few people tell the true story of entrepreneurship—the story of long hours, sleepless nights, endless worry, mental and physical stress, strained family relationships and non-existent social life.

Instead, would-be entrepreneurs buy into a dream that few will ever achieve. Believing in a promise of more money, more time, and freedom from the corporate world, entrepreneurs ignore the less-than-encouraging small business statistics and take the plunge into ownership.

That’s when chaos moves in.”

The White Space of Life by Terry Barber

“Most of my career has been in advertising, branding, and writing. Over the years, I’ve seen hundreds of ads, letters, proposals, and commercials. In the past, I would judge these creative renderings based on their message and intended audience—still not a bad consideration within the process. But now, as I begin passing judgment, I find myself critiquing something else: the white space. Does it have enough white space? I can’t say it enough: I hate being crowded, and I really despise crowded letters, crowded ads, crowded 60-second spots. They try to say so much that I can’t hear anything. Like the train, like the highway, like my closet, these communiqués and radio spots are all calling out in one accord, ‘MORE WHITE SPACE. PLEASE!’”

THE FASCINATION FACTOR (and how you can use it to write books)
by Mark Levy

“One of the hats I wear is that of writing coach. I guide businesspeople in writing books. During a typical first session, my client isn’t sure what their book will be about, but they take guesses.

They tell me about what they think the marketplace wants, what they believe they can sell, and what might elevate them to guru status. They start tossing around premises. I stop them.

Books indeed need readers, so thinking about audience is important. Books also help writers achieve career goals, so thinking strategically about how a book can advance one’s business makes sense.

But looking at those things too early leads to a bland book. Why?”

DREAM, DARE, DO! by Ben Tiggelaar

"[W]hat does it take to go from Dream to Dare and, eventually, Do? What are the secrets of real and lasting change?

You know exactly how it feels: you are frustrated, angry and unhappy. It’s time to make that change. It’s time to improve your relationships, start your own business, get that promotion, lose that weight, get those abs tuned, stop smoking, see your friends more often, start saving for your kids education, start applying for a different job... etc,etc.

Good luck! You will need it, because the odds are against you.

Of all people who consciously start personal change, more than 80% will have returned to their old habits within two years. No wonder the world is filled with cynical people, that are still in the same job they have hated for over 10 years, still smoke 2 packs of cigarettes everyday and still spend too little time with their kids.

It’s time for change.”