December 9, 2010

News & Opinion: ChangeThis - Issue 77

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The Era of Jack Welch is Over: Create Real Value Now, or Perish
by Douglas Rushkoff

"Yes, the net has changed business as profoundly as anything since central banking. But instead of seizing the opportunity, most businesses are still so addicted to the old way of doing things that they do the very opposite: they use the net to entrench themselves even further into the Industrial Age landscape that is fast disappearing."

Radical Management: Mastering the Art of Continuous Innovation
by Stephen Denning

"Radical management focuses the entire organization on the goal of constantly increasing the value of what the organization offers to its clients. Once a firm commits to this goal, traditional command-and-control bureaucracy ceases to be a viable organizational option."

Don’t You Want to Do Real Marketing? by Ernan Roman

“I define real marketing as follows: treating customers and prospects the way we want to be treated, and earning the sale and the long term relationship through the value we provide.

Traditional marketing based on ‘Spray and Pray’ blasts of mail, email, phone calls, and so on, not only doesn’t work, but is also obscenely wasteful.”

Principles Under Pressure: Working in Adversarial Relationships
by Aryanne Oade

"This manifesto is about how to work with such an adversarial character, whether they are your boss, peer or team member. It is about how to use the specific behavior you need to use to help you manage the unclear boundaries, ambivalent motives and occasional duplicitous conduct that characterizes adversarial working relationships."

O Brave New World: Driving Profitable Growth in the New Demand Economy by Rick Kash

"For the first time in the memory of most working people, we now live in a world of contracting markets, diminished consumer demand and anemic pricing power. And that in turn means that our current and widely adopted formula for growth is now obsolete."