February 16, 2011

News & Opinion: ChangeThis: Issue 79

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Six Reasons Why the Sharing Society (aka the Mesh) Will Trump the Ownership Society by Lisa Gansky

“Get out of your chairs and into the streets, kids—the Internet has come to town. Literally. The IT revolution started by moving data around. Now mobile devices have spread the revolution to physical things—to the street. [...] Convenient access means you don’t have to own something in order to have a pulse on its exact location and availability; you can use it—share it—save money while sparing hassles.”

As One: A Manifesto for Individual Action and Collective Power
by James Quigley & Mehrdad Baghai

As One. Five letters that make all the difference between a group of individuals and a unified team. Two words that transform individual action into collective power. One idea that can help you realize the full power of your people.


Adding the phrase “as one” to another word changes its entire meaning. Imagine the possibilities: Working versus Working As One. Competing versus Competing As One. Winning versus Winning As One. The sources of inspiration are endless. Believing As One. Stronger As One. Succeeding As One.”

Disciplined Dreaming: How to Build Your Organization’s Creativity Mojo
by Josh Linkner

“I developed the Disciplined Dreaming system to give creativity its own place and practice, to provide everyone in the organization a structure for developing their own creative ideas, and to bring creativity back to the heart of business—where it belongs.

Disciplined Dreaming isn’t a stifling, rigid “innovation process”, but an open system. It provides a strong and flexible framework that frees individuals and organizations to improvise and explore—and, in the process, develop their creative chops. The ideas, processes, and practices of Disciplined Dreaming will help you build your chops by expanding your creative capacity and targeting your creative energy.”

Activating the Entrepreneur Within by Jeffrey Weber

"So you, dear reader, want to know if you are an entrepreneur. It would be so easy to draw your blood and see the entrepreneurial DNA floating about and qualitatively state, “Yes, he is an entrepreneur!” But what good would this do? There still would be so much lacking outside the control of simple DNA to activate the entrepreneur within you.”

How to Turn around Problem Performance in Five Questions or Less
by Jim Bolton

"Underperformers suck. They suck the productivity out of a team or organization. They suck the morale out of your high performers. […]

That begs a question that is central to this manifesto: What are underperformers costing you? How much time do you spend reacting to problems related to underperformance? Think of the things you could do with that time if you could only get it back."

The Seven Myths of Hyper-Social Organizations: Why Human 1.0 is Key
by Francois Gossieaux

“With the rise of social media, which provides a massive platform of participation and a social infrastructure that is finally catching up with the conference infrastructure, the social element is reentering commerce and business with a vengeance. People can now claim a share of voices that is equal or larger than that of companies, employees can now develop support networks that cross the traditional hierarchical organization charts, and people can once again behave the way they were hardwired to behave in business and commerce–tribally, humanly, and socially.

To understand the changes that are afoot in the world of business you are better off understanding Human 1.0, which took tens of thousands of years to develop, rather than Web 2.0, which took merely a decade.”