May 4, 2011

News & Opinion: ChangeThis: Issue 82

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 2:27 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Little Bets: Think Differently by Peter Sims

“Our education system places great emphasis on teaching us about facts that are already known, such as historical information or scientific tables, and then testing us in order to measure how much we’ve retained about that body of knowledge. Those skills work perfectly well for many situations, but not when doing something new. Or creative. Or original. They certainly won’t help us invent the future.

As education and creativity researcher and author Sir Ken Robinson puts it, 'We are educating people out of their creativity.' But it’s still there. And unleashing our creativity, however deeply it’s hidden, begins with little bets.”

Don’t Let the Sidewalk End: How To Create a Revolution by Patrick J. Howie

“This manifesto is about creating revolutions. Not big political revolutions, although it could help there too, but revolutions of any size and in any field or industry. It is also about innovating, and how to be better at it and how innovations, properly nourished, are the catalysts of revolutions."

To start with, we should all recognize that innovation is a process, not an event. When the process results in dramatic change, it is called a revolution."

Happiness Advocacy, Or, How Positive Psychology Will Save Us From Zombies by Annie Passanisi

“Happiness. That feeling you get from or Skyping with a far away friend. Side effects include: joy, contentment, glee, elation, and surges of confidence, hope, and gratitude. That happiness. If you’re ready to throw in the towel (or this in the garbage), kindly allow me to clarify something. This ain’t yo’ momma’s (or for that matter my momma’s*) self-help book so don’t get all judgmental. If MacGyver can stop a bomb with a toothpick, we can save the world with happiness. 'Fiction!' you say? It’s even been scientifically proven. You see, it’s all in the technique, my friends.”

The Four Strands: Creating Companies Aligned With Human DNA by Henry Cloud, Ph.D

“There are universal developmental issues and milestones in the construction of all people, which like gravity, must be obeyed. They are like the laws of physics, non-negotiable. Break these laws and dysfunction occurs. But, obey these laws and people thrive. They will be what we call “healthy.”

So, when a company is designed and operates in ways that are aligned with how people are constructed, it will be like an airplane aligned with the laws of physics that govern force or torque.”

How to Sharpen Your Sales Strengths by Tony Rutigliano, Brian Brim

“There is no single right way to sell. In fact, we believe there are as many ways to sell as there are salespeople.

Does that feel liberating? We hope so. If you enjoy sales, if you’re good at it, and if you’re finding some of the success you want, you possess a rare ability—and you should celebrate it. You’re someone who can do this job. And if you’re trying to follow a method or emulating a sales hero and it’s not working, it might not be your fault. Who you are is who you should be. You’ll be most successful at sales if you make the most of who you are."

Make It Happen: Turning Good Ideas Into Great Results by Peter Sheahan

“The world is not short of ideas. It’s not. It is short of people who can execute on them. It is short of people who know how to take their aspirations and make a real impact on the world with them.

What differentiates the great ideas that end up on the cutting room floor from those that wind up changing the world? There are five steps, or rather five competencies you can build that separate the haves from the have-nots, the doers from the talkers … They are not a mantra for meditation, they are not positive affirmations that you chant to yourself in the mirror, they are actions.”