July 6, 2011

News & Opinion: ChangeThis: Issue 84

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What If They Listened to Entrepreneurs? by Henry R. Nothhaft

“Before any significant and sustained increase in the creation of good middle-class jobs can take place, the voice of the entrepreneur who is the source of all breakthrough innovation and job growth must be heard.

Sadly, however, entrepreneurs are just about the only Americans without a voice in Washington”

TouchPoints: Why the Interruptions That Drive Us Crazy Just Might Be the Most Productive Opportunities We Have Every Day
by Douglas Conant & Mette Norgaard

“Some days it feels like the information age has morphed into the interruption age. But what if those interruptions turned out to be our best opportunity to make a difference in our workplaces?”

Brains, Bones, and Nerves: The Only Three Things an Enterprise Leader Should Focus On by Rajeev Peshawaria

“Just as the human body needs all three systems—the brain, bones, and nerves—functioning in perfect harmony to maximize longevity and performance, a business needs its strategy, architecture, and culture to work in harmony in order to maximize results.”

It’s All About Them: Marketing to the Digitally Empowered Buyer
by Rebel Brown

“Thanks to the digital age, today’s buyers can research, select and purchase their products without getting you involved in the decision. You won’t even know they were buying. Everything shifted. Your choices: shift, too—or get left in the past.”

Your CQ: Why It Might Be the Most Important Number You Don’t Know!
by David Livermore

"How do we move beyond mantras about cultural sensitivity and global awareness to successfully adapting to various cultures while simultaneously remaining true to ourselves? Both sides of the equation are essential—being true to ourselves and adapting to different cultures.”

We First: How Consumers and Brands Can Partner to Build a Better World
by Simon Mainwaring

“We First capitalism posits that we can no longer accept the myopic, short-term, profit-for-profit’s sake practice of capitalism we invite corporations and consumers to engage in today.”