January 25, 2012

News & Opinion: ChangeThis: Issue 90

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GROW: How to Change the Narrative of Business by Jim Stengel

“The business case for brand ideals is not altruism. It’s self-interest and mutual interest. In addition to its wider positive impact, a devotion to brand ideals will do more for your own business and career than any other factor. Maximum business growth and high ideals are not incompatible. They’re inseparable.”

Transcendent Leadership: How to Lead Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime
by Les McKeown

“What if each successive leadership role brought out more of what makes you you, rather than asking you to compromise your core values, bury your deepest wishes, hold ransom your dreams? Having coached and advised hundreds of leaders, I know this isn’t a pipe dream.”

Shift & Reset by Brian Reich

“There are lots of excuses for not making real, demonstrable changes in the way we live, work, and how we interact as individuals and engage in groups/communities. I have heard them all. I have used many of them myself. But they are bullshit. All excuses are.”

It Really is As Simple As ABC: What Leaders Can Learn from Masterful Orators of the Past by Matt Eventoff

“Millions of meetings and presentations occur daily. Each of these presentations is meant to drive 'someone' to do 'something.' And what do the vast majority of [them] have in common? Unfortunately, they usually fail to get anyone to do anything.”

Make Social Media Sell—Now by Jeff Molander

“The 'social media revolution' is over-hyped nonsense. The real business opportunity is to become more relevant and meaningful to customers in ways that create sales.”