April 11, 2012

News & Opinion: ChangeThis: Issue 93

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Nine Things I Learned from Alan Mulally by Bryce G. Hoffman

“I spent many hours sitting across the table from Mulally in his corner office on the twelfth floor of Ford’s world headquarters. I learned a lot about how to change cultures and streamline organizations, and I believe these principles will prove as valuable to your organization as they have to Ford.”

Stop Selling and Start Storytelling by Jason L. Baptiste

“Successful entrepreneurs are never selling, and always storytelling. Throughout this manifesto, I want to focus on how an entrepreneur can use storytelling to persuade four key constituents that can ultimately make or break their startup—the press, team members, customers and investors.”

Becoming China’s Bitch: A Radical Centrist Manifesto for Fixing What’s Broken by Peter D. Kiernan

“Where do I get off using a title like that? Because the time has come to get you out of your comfort zone. In fact, it’s well past time for all of us. If we don’t, we will lose more than our superpower status—we may well lose our national soul.”

We Say We Want a Revolution: How to Activate the Activist and Surf the Tidal Wave of Radical Change by Gina Amaro Rudan

“I confess—the revolutionary climate we’re experiencing right now excites me. Why? Because every monster economic crisis or socio-political upheaval brings bottom-up innovation, top-down collaboration, and a flurry of creativity ... ”

The Unasked Question: How Do You Run a Company? by Dick Cross

“Despite all the hand-ringing and acerbic rhetoric over the American economy, we could be just one step away from solving it all.”

Five Rules for Pricing Excellence: Getting the Most for Your Services
by Patrick Lefler

“Pricing is critical, and short-changing your pricing strategy is the fastest way to leave cash on the table—money that will be lost forever and never recovered.”