September 12, 2012

News & Opinion: ChangeThis: Issue 98

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 8:25 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

How to Tell a Story: 10 Simple Strategies by Jonah Sachs

“Maybe it’s because we’re all so overloaded with information. Maybe it’s because we’re all so starved for meaning. Or maybe it’s because, thanks to social media, everyone’s become a broadcaster these days. Whatever the reason, we’re all getting the same memo at the same time: if you want to be heard, you’d better learn to tell better stories.”

The Personal MBA, Updated & Expanded: Mastering Business Without Spending a Fortune by Josh Kaufman

“MBA programs don’t have a monopoly on advanced business knowledge. You can teach yourself everything you need to know to succeed in life and at work. ... So skip business school and the suffocating student loans: you can get a world-class business education simply by reading these books.”

Taking Higher Education Higher: How to Cut College Costs and Increase Degree Value by Sharla Berry

“With college costs rising, student loan debt skyrocketing and average starting salaries falling, the following questions must be asked. Is college for everybody? Who is college for? ... This manifesto is for those who are willing to begin the work of change.”

El Sistema Comes to the USA: Playing the Mambo and Other Transformations By Jamie Bernstein

“El Sistema’s founder, the visionary musician and economist Jose Antonio Abreu, has said, 'If you put a violin in a child's hands, that child will never hold a gun.' It is a profound idea ... And now this idea is spreading around the world”

How “Helpful” Systems Extinguish Career Development (and What You Can Do to Reignite It) by Beverly Kaye & Julie Winkle Giulioni

“Career development appears at the top of many lists. Unfortunately, the lists tend to be those focused on what employees desperately want but are not getting from their managers.”

8 Tips for Managing Your Personal Brand 8 Tips for Managing Your Personal Brand by Rodger Dean Duncan

“Face it. For good or ill, you have a personal brand. In fact, in the eyes of others, you are your personal brand. ... Your reputation is your brand. Your brand is your reputation. And it makes a world of difference in every relationship you have.”