September 9, 2005

News & Opinion: ChangeThis: New Manifestos and Proposals!

By: Dylan Schleicher @ 9:19 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

It's Friday afternoon and I am sure all you, like myself, are thinking about what's going on this weekend. If you have some downtime this weekend, here are some great thoughts to ponder, arguments to consider, and proposals to review from ChangeThis.
If you have not yet heard about ChangeThis, it's a website dedicated to distributing ideas. Read this to find out more.
Each month new proposals are voted on by the ChangeThis audience. To read and vote on this month's proposals, click here. The proposals receiving the most votes are then turned into manifestos.
The final format of these manifestos are then posted each month on ChangeThis. Check them out!
The five newest manifestos include:
  1. The Hypomanic American by John D. Gartner

  2. The "PSF" is Everything! by Tom Peters

  3. 25 Ways to Distinguish Yourself by Rajesh Setty

  4. The Personal MBA: Mastering Business Without Spending a Fortune by Josh Kaufman

  5. Critical Thinking for Managers: A Manifesto by Crystal King

And, if you have ideas of your own (I know you do!), I encourage you to submit your own proposal! Just think of it as a great weekend project!
Have a fabulous weekend!

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