November 8, 2006

News & Opinion: China Part 2

By: Jack @ 5:25 PM – Filed under: Publishing Industry

As I posted earlier, I am reading the brilliant winner of the FT/Goldman Sachs business book of the year China Shakes the World. In the chapter on piracy I found a fun story.
Similarly, a series of how-to business books written by Paul Thomas, a Harvard Business School professor, became a mini publishing sensation in Beijing in 2004. As Thomass fame grew, he lent his reputation to other books by writing prefaces, and everyone seemed to be winning. Then it emerged that there was no professor at Harvard that fitted his description, and the books bearing his illustrious name had been written by students paid the equivalent of one-third of a cent per word to make it up. Fake books, it turns out, are big business. Several publishers, including state-owned houses, had more than a hundred bogus titles on the market in early 2005.