June 25, 2004

News & Opinion: Collision Course

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 9:11 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

There are two books coming out in the next couple of months about the rise of airline JetBlue. The first is called flyingHigh by James Wynbrandt. It is being published by John Wiley and starts shipping today. Fortune ran a book review [p38] in their June 28th issue and had good things to say about it. The book focuses on founder and CEO David Neeleman and his amazing story. In November, Portfolio will be releasing Blue Streak by Barbara Peterson. This book is about the airline and what has made it successful. The Portfolio catalog is quick to point out that Peterson is "the only book author to gain full access to all the major players in the story, including the CEO and his inner circle." The business book market is pretty small as is it. It will be interesting to see how both of these books do in the marketplace. If you want something to get you in the mood, Fast Company ran a cover story on JetBlue in their May 2004 issue. There were two web exclusive stories you may have missed - a Q&A with Neeleman and a great piece on the ticket agents that work for JetBlue (many from their homes).