October 18, 2011

News & Opinion: Congratulations to Dylan and Kat

By: Sally Haldorson @ 3:58 PM – Filed under: The Company

Dylan Schleicher has been working for 800-CEO-READ since 2003. He's done nearly every job, but for the majority of his time here, he's been creating things for us all to learn from and enjoy. Perhaps you've read some of his blog posts here that always include an entertaining and thought-provoking blend of current events and history, pop culture and more esoteric interests, as well as an excellent grasp of the context into which a new business book falls. Or maybe you've thumbed through our Annual (that Dylan project-manages each year) or The 100 Best Business Books of All Time and marveled at the illustrations and photographs. Possibly you are a dedicated reader of ChangeThis and look forward to each month's release. If so, then you've had the pleasure of partaking in some of Dylan's contributions to the information 800-CEO-READ produces every day. I have the pleasure of creating new content here at 800-CEO-READ alongside Dylan and the quality of his work inspires me to improve mine.

On Sunday we had the pleasure of being witness to and participating in Dylan's wedding to Kat, whose photographs have also populated our products and she has made even our ragtag bunch look good on our About Us page. Her other work can be seen at Ellagraph.

So to Dylan and Kat, we want to say a hearty congratulations, and we hope you will join us in wishing them luck and love in the coming years. (Photograph courtesy of Rebecca Schlei)


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