September 21, 2004

News & Opinion: Create Your Own Luck

By: Dylan Schleicher @ 4:44 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Thee is a fourth trait of the "You Never Know It Alls" featured in How To Create Your Own Luck: They not only listen well, but they eavesdrop.By overhearing, they are in a position to offer help and to learn some new information.
On a vacation, Lisa Miller and I were in Jerusalem in the famous Fink's bar where the media was known to hang out. It was a very quiet night when a man walked in and we heard him order a scotch in what sounded like American English. Lisa and I looked at each other and gave the "why not" shrug. So she asked, "Is that American English?" "Yes, it is", He answered.
We learned he had a rough day, just covered a peace rally that had gone wry. Coincidence provided our conversation as we had gone to the Via Dela Rosa to follow the Stations of the Cross and were met by this rally. We left early. Larry Register, then MidEast Bureau chief for CNN, and four time Emmy Award winner, filled us in.
That was in 1989 and we are still friends. He stills fills us in on the news from an insider's vantage point. He has opened doors for my books and me with his network and I continue to support ( nudge him to fulfill) his goal of writing his book.
When is eavesdropping OK? When it allows us to help others, start a conversation, find out we have something in common. Why? You just never know! You may learn of a job, a client or make a lifelong friend.

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