October 27, 2005

News & Opinion: Creative Class

By: Jack @ 3:07 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Richard Florida's books are interesting and troubling. His latest The Flight of the Creative Class is another thought provoking book. Fast Company has an exclusive web based interview with him. He is interviewed by Adam Hanft, founder and CEO of Hanft Unlimited:
Here is one of the questions and answers.

FC: Any kind of two-tier sociological stratification makes us a bit nervous. For everyone in the Creative Class there must be someone in, well, the Creative Underclass. Isn't that a recipe for a dysfunctional society?
Florida: Absolutely. It's something I talk about often, from my book, The Flight of the Creative Class, to the Atlantic Monthly article I referred to before. It's a deeply, deeply disturbing phenomenon, this socioeconomic division our world -- and especially frighteningly, our country -- faces in the 21st century global creative economy.

Check out the rest of the interview here.