June 4, 2008

News & Opinion: Cubicle Warfare - office fun for the summer

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 3:02 PM – Filed under: The Company

No matter how fun or creative your job is, there's always the office space issue to deal with. Cubicles, frustrating fax machines, a copier that seems to run out of toner only for you, fluorescent lights and the scent of old coffee grounds. One of the best ways to cope with these conditions is humor--and sometimes pranks. My dad used to send his brother letters, to his office, in envelopes addressed to Our Preferred Preparation H Customer, complete with logo and official design. From time to time at 800-CEO-READ HQ, people have returned from vacation to find their belongings wrapped* in bubble wrap or aluminum foil, or suspended from the ceiling. Recently, Jon returned to find his entire desk area housed in a cardboard shanty**.
There's a new book out called Cubicle Warfare: 101 Office Traps and Pranks by John Austin. Just a few pranks suggested:
"Pickled Chair" - adding a food smell to someone's office chair
"Walkie-Talkie God" - planting a walkie talkie in the ceiling tiles above someone's desk, then transmitting music, the news, or the gospel from a secure location
"Industrial Velcro" - velcro everything to the desk
"Elevator Fun" - post warnings like "Warning- Cables Are Rusting, Please Do Not Jump"
"Paper Hole Door" - place chads from the 3-hole punch along the top of a door
"Decaf Espresso" - not funny
Now, I don't condone carrying out any of the pranks suggested in this "Tactical Manual," but you will certainly enjoy a chuckle or two reading it.
* Meg's desk

** Jon's shanty
Just an interesting tidbit: Jon worked in the shanty for an entire week.