April 5, 2006

News & Opinion: Daily Drucker for April 5th

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Picking a Leader

What would I look for in picking a leader of an institution? First, I would look at what they candidates have done, what their strengths are. You can only perform with strength--and what have they done with it? Second, I would look at the institution and ask: "What is the one immediate key challenge?" I would try to match the strength with the needs.

Then I would look for integrity. A leader sets an example especially a strong leader. He or she is somebody on whom people, especially younger people, in the organization model themselves. Many years ago I learned from a very wise old man, who was the head of a very large, worldwide organization. He was in his late seventies, famous for putting the right people into the right enterprises, all over the globe. I asked him: "What do you look for?" And he said: "I always ask myself, would I want one of my sons to work under that person? If he is successful, the young people will imitate him. Would I want my son to look like this?" This, I think, is the ultimate question.