January 12, 2006

News & Opinion: Daily Drucker for January 12th - Practice Comes First

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Decision makes need to factor into their present decisions the "future has already happened."

Decision makers--in government, in universities, in business, in the labor unions, in churches--need to factor into their present decisions the future has already happened. For this they need to know what events have already occurred that do not fit into their present-day assumptions, and thereby create new realities.

Intellectuals and scholars tend to believe that ideas come first, which then lead to new political, social, economic, psychological realities. This does happen, but it is the exception. As the rule, theory does not precede practice. Its role is to structure and codify already proven practice. Its role is to convert the isolated and "atypical" from exception to "rule" and "system," and therefore into something that can be learned and taught and, above all into something that can be generally applied.

ACTION POINT: Are the premises that you base your decisions on obsolete? DO you need a new intellectual framework to win in the market, as it exists today?

From The Daily Drucker by Peter Drucker wth Joseph Maciariello