December 15, 2006

News & Opinion: Did I miss something?

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 9:28 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

On Wednesday, I posted my favorite books of 2006 and Tom McManus left a comment. He remembered us putting a lot of promotion behind Prepared Mind Of A Leader and was surprised the book had made Jack's list or mine.

Here was my response:
That is a fair question.

I liked the the book. I was a big fan because I knew it was not going to get the love it needed from the media.

It was on my list of 22 books.

It didn't meet my first critera of changing the way I viewed the world. Prepared Mind reinforced what I already believed about leadership. I think that was the reason I got excited about it.

For the honorable mentions, the books naturally fell into those three categories of firecrackers, companies, and big think. Prepared Mind didn't fit there either.

What I need to do is go back and add one more category on Nuts and Bolts. There are a couple of books that belong there.

Thanks for catching our glaring omission.

So, if you go back to my best of 2006 list, you will see a new category called Nuts and Bolts. These books are for those who need help keeping the organization running.