November 1, 2005

News & Opinion: Donny Dumbass

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 10:31 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

We got the galley a number of months ago for Donny Deutsch's new book Often Wrong, Never In Doubt. It kind of sat there and I just never had the drive to pick it up. Donny has been slowly raising his profile with his seasonal appearances on The Apprentice and his nightly show The Big Idea on CNBC.

Over the weekend, I was reading a profile in Fortune of Donny, the company, and the book. The piece doesn't really have anything good to say, but toward the end of the piece, this caught my attention:
In August, Publishers Weekly included in a review of Often Wrong, Never in Doubt a passage from the uncorrected galleys describing, in exuberantly salacious language, the author's attitudes about mixing sex and business. (He was for it, of course. But after HarperCollins complained, Publishers Weekly removed the quotation from its review on, and it doesn't appear in the published book.)

You can see a sentence that was taken out of the PW review and replaced with the [...].
I wondered if I could find other interesting thoughts in his tome. A quick glance through the Table of Contents led me to the chapter titled "Women are Muses". I will let the passage speak for itself:

I believe we are motivated in life by a single driving force--sex. Man meets woman, man meets man, woman meets man, woman meets woman--connecting with other individuals on an intimate, romantic, sexual basis is a the core of the human experience. Being attractive to one sex or another is what we're all about. To me, babes come with the formula, otherwise what's the point?

I don't think there has been a day in my business career when there hasn't been some woman at work that I fantasized about. People come by the office, look around and say, "Boy, the men and women at Deutsch are very physically attractive." Now obviously we were supremely competent and talented people, but the idea of some woman that I'm excited about to see or flirt with or even just think about stimulates me in business. I cannot remember a time in my career when I was not having an affair with a woman in the office, or a flirtation, a friendship, a fantasy, or all of the above. I am at my best when women are there to energize and excite me.

Studies show--and if they don't, they're way off base--that the average man is thinking about sex a great percentage of his waking hours. Whether it's "I want to f**k that girl" or "Why haven't I f**ked that girl?" or "I'm so horny", sex and how we appeal to the opposite sex--or the same sex, if that's your dinner choice--is a huge driver of everything we do. Whatever our universe of love is, we go all the way. The question "How is this going to get me in the sack" goes deep to the heart of all impulse to action. I truly believe that's why men accumulate power. I also believe it's the carnal guys who are better people and use their power to better ends.

I debated a bit about posting this. I thought it added to the brand of Donny. In the end, I thought it was better to show Donny for the f**king neanderthal he is.