April 3, 2007

News & Opinion: Excerpt from The Art of War for Women

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The Art of War for Women

Sun Tzu's Ancient Strategies and Wisdom for Winning at Work
by Chin-Ning Chu

This chapter is excerpted from The Art of War for Women by Chin-Ning Chu, an internationally renowned speaker and the bestselling author of Thick Face, Black Heart. She brings the eternal wisdom of philosopher-general Sun Tzu to women looking to gain a better understanding of who they are – and, more importantly, who they want to be.


Ji (Planning)

The Elements of Strategy

Before waging a war, the five elements that govern success must be examined. Only then can a proper assessment be done.

Those five elements are: 1. Tao (moral standing or ethics); 2. Tien (timing); 3. Di (terrain or resources); 4. Jiang (leadership); 5. Fa (managing).