September 13, 2006

News & Opinion: Finding A Parade

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 3:50 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

When things are going well, I believe it's easy to be a leader. It's like finding a parade and getting in front. Thats a whole lot easier than having to create the parade. Great leaders shine during tough times.

In light of the latest announcements at HP, the newly appointed chairman Mark Hurd, whom I worked for at NCR, will be in the leadership spotlight like never before. In addition to being the CEO he's now the chairman, taking over from Patricia Dunn who's embroiled in a scandal involving the use of personal phone records to investigate apparent leaks. Mark is a stand-up guy with a solid track record for helping companies get back on track. I like what he said yesterday on
"HP holds itself to the highest standards of business conduct and we are accountable to these standards for everything that we do,"

Integrity, trust and doing what's right for the company during times of trouble and intense political pressure are what leaders like Mark Hurd are made of. I welcome your thoughts on how leaders take charge during tough times.