October 5, 2010

News & Opinion: Five Quick Questions with Jack Covert

By: Dylan Schleicher @ 2:54 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

For the first installment of its Five Quick Questions With Publishing’s Top Leaders series, the wonderful folks of Cave Henricks Communication interviewed Jack this week about the current state of Publishing—and where it's heading. Asked what "influences people most to buy business books?" Jack replies:
This is a hard question. We at 8cr believe that a good idea, told well, will create its own buzz. Now I have been accused of believing in the Easter Bunny also. There is no simple answer. Work and luck rules the roost.

That said, we try our damnedest every day to help those good ideas spread. Being positioned as we are at the confluence of business book publishers, authors, and their audience, one of the ways we do that is to get them all together at our annual author pow-wow (at which Barbara Cave Henricks herself will be speaking about book publicity this year). Because we want the event to be an intimate conversation instead of a publishing conference, we keep the number of attendees limited, but there are still a few spots left.

To read the full interview with Jack, head on over to the Cave Henricks blog.

To join the larger conversation we'll have at this year's pow-wow, register today.

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