May 1, 2006

News & Opinion: For New Hires: Sink or Swim Introduction

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Hello and welcome to the blog for Sink or Swim: New Job, New Boss, Twelve Weeks to Get it Right. Over the next 12 weeks, Thuy and I are going to post insight, observations, and create a forum for one of the more challenging transitions that takes place in our livesstarting a new job.
Why Sink or Swim?
One in four new employees do NOT make it through their first year on the job (Saratoga Institute, 2003). We wrote Sink or Swim to give every employee a resource, independent of their work environment, to guide them through those fun, challenging, and rewarding first 12 weeks. Sink or Swim helps every employee new to a job know the questions to ask to started on the right foot and support their long-term success. It is the only comprehensive skills based book that is a fun and quick read with tons of suggestions for how to apply the 5 Sink or Swim skills:
  • Goal Setting

  • Time Management

  • Knowledge Management

  • Being a Team Player

  • Professional Image

Who is this for?
Each week covers what you need to be doing as a new employee to a company and/or department, or if you have a new employee you want to have successfully integrated.
Who are we?
But first a little background. Both Thuy and I have been working from the time we were fifteen. Thuys first gig was at a garment factory in downtown L.A. Milos was at a national franchise cookie store low wages but lots of free cookies! Milo has been in the field of organization consulting for the last 12 years working as an independent consultant and more recently working for Intel Corp., and Sun Microsystems. Thuy has been a leadership consultant for almost a decade.
Given our backgrounds, we know what is like to be on both sides of the equation:
  • From the employee perspective, What planet did I just land on? I hope I made the right choice.

  • To the company perspective, Hmmm...Bob just started. What do we do with him?

The fact is most companies dont have great methods and processes for helping new employees become fully contributing members of the company. Most are focused on employee orientation, but successful employee integration requires having the right skills and asking the right questionsSink or Swim is the company decoder.
Check out our website: You will find a sample chapter of Sink or Swim as well as an online demo of the companion web-based program.