April 30, 2004

News & Opinion: Fun Reading List

By: Jack @ 2:50 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

In the past--pre-Internet--we used to publish a catalog called the Gazette. One issue we asked Thought Leaders to submit a list of five books on the subject of "What every leader should read in the next 18 months." After seeing Todd's listings of BusinessWeek books, I remembered this list. I ask the Blog world, do you really care what Peter Drucker thought in 1997? BTW, he picked the most interesting titles of all the respondents. They were: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin Middlemarch by George Eliot The Man who Ruled India by Philip Woodruff (out of print) My Years with General Motors by Alfred Sloan this is a brilliant book about creating the Sloan book A Ghost Memoir by John McDonald Character above All: David McCullough on Harry S. Truman Out of print Now everybody realize that if you asked Scott Adams, Ken Blanchard, Michael Hammer, Sally Helgesen et al, what books they would pick today, chances are they would pick different titles. But still it is fun to see where people's heads were at in 1996/1997. Let me know if you are interested in more listing.