January 17, 2005

News & Opinion: George Stalk on front cover of Fast Company

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 6:11 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

You should have your February issue of Fast Company now.

It seems we can't stop talking about George Stalk (Hardball, Competing Against Time). The article details the last couple years of Stalk's life which include his three months spent in a coma.

Here is a paragraph on the book that I thought was interesting:

Some people have interpreted Hardball as a business version of America's "go it alone" political strategy in the world, or as a total rejection of the idea that a company's culture and people are an important part of its edge. Although neither is true, BCG, fearing a political storm, altered some of Hardball's chapter titles to make them sound less aggressive. But the changes didn't do much to soothe those who think business should be a kinder, gentler pursuit and that Stalk's testosterone-fueled emphasis on crushing your competitor is a Stone Age throwback. "[Stalk and Lachenauer] are on a brutal, macho trip," wrote one reviewer for the Financial Times.